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Half-fermented trout from Valdres

Home-pickled beets, red onion, sour cream and flatbread from


kr 235,-  


Duck salad from Holte farm

with pickled onions, figs and Port wine syrup


kr 225,-

Smoked salmon from Trondheim

Horseradish, dill, rye crumble and mustard sauce


kr 235,-

Charcuterie Platter

Variation of cured hams, sourcream from Røros and homemade crisp bread


kr 230,-



Norwegian “lutefisk” (dried, lye-cured cod from Lofoten)

Hand peeled potatoes, our own bacon and mashed peas.

Served twice. A real tradition!


kr 625,-


Large half-fermented trout from Valdres

with pickled beets, sour cream and flatbread from Røros

and boiled potatoes from Ringerike

1 serving  kr 360,-

2 servings  kr 460,-



Salt-cured, steamed ribs of lamb with farmer’s sausage from Voss,

mashed Swedes and gravy. Served twice

  kr 635,-

Sterling Halibut from Hjelmeland

Petit pois, bacon and red wine sauce

kr 385,-



Entrecôte of veal from Gol

Flower sprouts, Jerusalem artichoke and lingonberry sauce

  kr 395,-